Woodland Hills, CA (June 2013): Pazzaria Productions has released an iBook called The Legend Of The Lost Rose available for purchase on iTunes. From now until June 30th, the book is being sold for only $7.99, after which it will be sold for $9.99. 

About This Fascinating Interactive iBook 

According to its page on iTunes, this interactive book is planned as the first of three books in the fantasy genre. Designed specifically for use with the iPad, this iBook boasts touch screen technology that allows readers to touch the content on their screen as a way of interacting with objects in the story. Readers can also purchase items that are used in the story with nothing more than their iPad. These family friendly books provide entertainment for readers of all ages and from all walks of life. The Legend Of The Lost Rose is a spirited, family friendly adventure that gives readers insight into how Wicca is done. This is in direct contrast to most fantasy books that simply present magick as part of the story. Featuring characters that are pure and innocent, this feel good story will leave each reader fascinated and wanting to know how the story continues.

About Pazzaria Productions

Pazzaria Productions strongly believes in their mission statement, which is that everything one sees, does, eats, touches, wears and buys is part of their own personal journey through it’s world. Being a fantasy entertainment company, Pazzaria Productions strives to provide readers with a fun and interactive experience that will make them feel like they are a part of the story. 

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