United Kingdom; 03, August 2015: Having a green and great looking lawn is all possible when you have the right kind of turf beneath. Creating a turf which is great and strong is not what everyone can do themselves. It requires professional care and experience to make it in the right shape. There are numerous service providers both old and new who offer their services for creating a variety of turfs. One such company which is a family owned business and is involved in the process of cultivating a range of turfs on farms across Essex and Suffolk is the Paynes Turf. A well-known name in the turf creation industry of UK, they specialize in making Premium Grade Turf and Pro Sports Turf.

The company has been in the industry since 1971 and has been known as one of the reliable topsoil suppliers across UK. They also sell border bark, plants, lawn care, pest control and grass seed products. Besides their offline services, the company offers the option to its customers to buy turf online through their website. These products combine the element of conventional turf making processes and the advanced mechanisms for creating healthy turfs. It is presently managed by the family themselves and widely known for the variety of options among the turf suppliers London. Customers can visit their website and check each of the products which includes the likes of turf rolls. The systematic process includes careful scheduling of seeding programs which ensure the availability of their services around the year. The service includes regular mowing, feeding, irrigating and rolling for ensuring even, thicker, and weed free green swards.

Among the turf suppliers Essex, the company has a dominance which has been created due to its services and experience over the last 40 years. Although, there are a range of turf suppliers who compete in the region, the Paynes Turf have a long list of permanent customers. Customers have the option to view these products on their website, besides the company also provides its one to one customer care representatives to address customer queries. For any turf supplies featured on the website or custom needs, customers can feel free to visit them at their office or call on their customer care numbers to book a visit by the experts to their farms. They have got accreditations and a range of relevant certifications from TGA, STRI, HTA, BALI.

About Paynes Turf

Paynes Turf is a family owned company which is involved in the process of making different kinds of turfs across UK. The company offers sell border bark, plants, lawn care, pest control and grass seed products. To know more about their services and book their products online, customers can check their website.

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