The popular short term cash loan site has received heavy criticisms after releasing an advertising campaign many say “went too far.”

The campaign, designed to raise awareness for the site, featured homeless men and women posing with large stacks of cash while holding signs with slogans such as “Ballin’ on payday loans” and “Thanks to Payday Loan Gurus I can get my drunk on again.” Critics have called the ads everything from “distasteful” to “downright disgusting.”

However, CEO of Payday Loan Gurus Mike Long isn’t backing down. He states: “Look, we’re helping these people out. We gave them free food, hung out with them and showed them a good time. It’s all in good fun and it gave them a break from hanging out under a bridge wishing for a better life.”

Controversial as the ads may be, Mike Long claims they have worked “wonders” and says they will continue to run the campaigns as long as they are profitable.

After digging around, it’s clear to see why these ads are remaining profitable despite their controversial nature. They have received an uproar of support from message boards targeted at 18-24 year olds who have come together to support the ads. Some of the threads supporting Mr. Longs ads have even gone as far as to call them “revolutionary.”

And for the critics who demand the ads be pulled down, Mr. Long had a mouthful for them as well.
“If you think this is bad, just wait until you see the ads we’ve been working on the past few weeks.”
Only time will tell what Mike Long has up his sleeve next, but you can bet on one thing. It will be controversial.

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