DPCTED Apparel launches its line of clothes for dogs.

“BALLS, BONES, & BITCHES” — these are the three B’s that perfectly describe the dream life of a dog. Now immortalized in indelible print on t-shirts, every dog can finally wear their very own motto.

For pet owners who want to celebrate the unique personalities of their dogs, the All-American apparel, DPCTED Apparel, launched its Pooch Swag collection of statement t-shirts designed and made exclusively for dogs.

DPCTED Apparel is the All-American brand of apparel known for its collections of statement t-shirts such as tattoo shirts that celebrate and promote people’s individuality and “tantalizing features.” With witty and thought provoking statements that revel on uniqueness of every individual such as “BALD AND BADASS” or “CHUBBY AND AWESOME,” DPCTED Apparel constantly pushes the boundaries in society’s very rigid definition of attractive. Using bold message on their statement t-shirts, DPCTED Apparel champions and inspires confidence and more positive perception on diverse groups of Americans.

Branching out to dress up man’s best friends, DPCTED launched its first batch of  original and funny statement t-shirts for dogs. Equipped with the same brand of tongue in cheek humor and bold statements, DPCTED Apparel now dresses up America’s all-time favorite furry friends.

The t-shirts were designed by the same creative team behind the statement t-shirts of DPCTED Apparels. This means that the designs follow the same aesthetics and humor of the collections of statement t-shirts that are being offered for man’s best friend’s best friend.

For people with dogs that are not high maintenance, the t-shirt with NO GROOMING sign is a great find.  For those who would like to tell the whole world how much cuddly their dogs are, t-shirts with statements such as “SNUGGLE SLUT” and “I WOULD CUDDLE YOU SO HARD” are perfect. There are also various shirts that celebrates people’s relationship with their dogs using tattoo shirts like, “I HEART MY TATTOOED OWNER,” or just plain tongue licking shirts, “MY TONGUE, YOUR FACE.”

Still as funny as before, these awesome line of pooch statement t-shirts are available at a limited time only. Everyone can also get different kinds of shirts like bearded, funny, and tattoo shirts.

Jeff Charlton
Graphic Connections Group
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