Long Beach, California — Paul’s Fireplace Glass is offering consumers a way to help the environment. Utilizing glass crystals glass crystals , Paul’s Fireplace Glass replaces environmentally unsustainable wood with clean natural gas burning beneath lovely glass crystals, creating a warm, rich flame. An established and well respected provider of Long Beach fire glass products, Paul’s Fireplace Glass helps consumers to feel good about helping the environment.

Requiring minimal maintenance, eco- friendly fireplace glass fireplace glass lasts for years without the need to constantly waste our natural resources or to pollute the environment. No longer will consumers have to suffer through the mess of cleaning up soot, ash, and purchasing cords of wood to burn.

Instead, consumers can purchase Long Beach fireplace glass rocks from Paul’s Fireplace Glass once and then use these for years to come. No more trips to the store to hurriedly purchase wood logs to impress that new paramour! No more standing in freezing cold temperatures gathering wood! Instead, consumers can purchase lovely eco- friendly fireplace glass rocks fireplace glass rocks once, place them in the fireplace, and forget about it. No fuss, no muss.

For local Long Beach fireplace glass rocks and other glass fire features, residents turn to Paul’s Glass. With over 70 years of glass experience in the southern California area, Paul’s Glass has long stood for quality and fast service. Now, Paul’s Fireplace Glass expands that level of service and dedication to the public with quality fireplace products.

Paul’s Fireplace Glass contains no toxic chemicals or substances that can result in emissions. Its simple design allows users to burn clean, odor-free fires for hours. Additionally, fireplace glass lends beauty to a room that combines the lovely glow of a fire with the reflective, colorful qualities of glass. Fireplace glass can make any fire pit or fireplace the focal point of a room and lasts for years.

With competitive pricing, friendly customer service and years of industry experience, Paul’s Glass has been established as a leader in the fireplace glass industry. For a limited time, Paul’s is offering free shipping on all orders. This gives customers across the country a chance to try fireplace glass for themselves at the lowest investment cost possible.

With free shipping, customers can order multiple samples or quantities of fireplace glass, rocks and crystals and use them in every room of the home for beauty, functionality and eco-friendly light and warmth.

About Paul’s Fireplace Glass:

Paul’s Fireplace Glass is a division of Paul’s Glass, established n 1944 in Long Beach, California. For nearly 70 years, Paul’s Glass has been meeting the needs of customers throughout Long Beach and the southern California area with quality glass products. For Long Beach fireplace glass crystals and a wide range of other fire glass products, Paul’s Glass is the premier supplier for southern California and the rest of the country. Offering dozens of colors and combinations, Paul’s handles both custom orders and small sample orders so that every customer receives exactly what he or she needs to give rooms and outdoor spaces beauty and warmth.

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