It has been said that Pasadena has witnessed a marked increase in the demand for private culinary services. This demand has seen an increase after the general economy of the country has experienced a much improvement over the past couple of years.

The private household being able to provide all the daily comforts of life is now on the lookout for luxury experiences. One such luxury that the general public have been treating to themselves is none other than the private chefs. Pasadena citizens are now rich enough to take the restaurant into the comfort of their own homes.

It is said that the Romega catering chef and its services has upped the Pasadena food servicesto a higher standard. This firm has been offering an extraordinary dining experience that has been delivering a style of cuisine that the catering industry in Pasadena has never been able to offer before. This catering service company is mostly used by residents on occasions like that of wine dinners, corporate parties, weddings, and birthday parties. Recently, the company has been recognized as one of the few catering companies in Pasadena that has been able to offer unique flavors with the use of only the top shelf ingredients.

The year 2015 has yet another reason to throw the spot light on this catering company. Much appreciation and excitement has been caused among the Pasadena citizens after the company made it public that it shall be using only organic ingredients from this year onwards. This new move has inspired many of its competitors in the industry, triggering them to follow suit. As per the close sources, it has been said that the company is rumored to be given an award for this noble move that affected not just its customers but also the entire catering industry in appositive light.  For more information please go to

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The romegacatering is a private catering company established back  in the year 2010. The company is owned by none other than the romega catering chef and owner Cameron czekalla. 


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