The United States of America, December 6, 2013: Today, mobile phones are more than just communication devices and are used as medium to access the internet and everything available via it. The concern that this situation raises is almost the same for parents of young kids with mobile phones. Phone Sheriff is software that provides parental control over children’s mobile phones and alerts parents about activities that they consider inappropriate. Phone Sheriff provides complete solution for monitoring and restricting children’s activities as well as tracking their presence through GPS. Live update and alert about allows parents to not only get informed but take immediate action through remote access feature. 

Phone Sheriff is a great cell phone monitoring software for all parents curious or concerned about behaviour of their children on their phone. It has various features that let parents stay informed about their children. It runs in stealth mode to remain completely hidden from children. Phone Sheriff lets parents define kinds of activities that must be restricted during specific periods such as school hours, bedtime, etc. Besides, they can set certain activities as inappropriate forever. They can set certain websites as inappropriate and completely block access to them while restrict certain content of other websites. Similar feature is available for phone numbers. While some contact numbers can be completely blocked from accessing the host phone or being accessed by it, others can be monitored. Parents can view the messages being sent from or received by their child’s phone. They even have the control over which numbers should be allowed to exchange messages and which ones to be blocked. These features work even if the user deletes specific messages or activity history from the phone because they get logged into the servers of Phone Sheriff

Phone Sheriff taps its host phone and sends instant alerts to phone number or email address of parents. The immediate alert on the activity that is set inappropriate by parents lets them take immediate action. Parents even specify certain words as inappropriate so that when such words are exchanged through the phone, an instant alert is generated. In addition to monitoring, Phone Sheriff is an efficient location tracker as well. It is a very useful function for parents who are concerned about the whereabouts of their children. The software lets parents specify areas that are in the routine of their children or likely to be visited. The software treats it as geographical limit and sends alert to parents whenever the device moves out of the specified area. 

Remote locking system and remote data wipe out function of Phone Sheriff give its features practical advantage. Though such software are usually in demand for parental control, they are useful on devices lend by employers to their employees. Phone Sheriff is produced by Retina X Studios and can be downloaded following registration at the official website. 

About Phone Sheriff 


Phone Sheriff is a remote phone monitoring software produced by Retina X Studios, which has released several other similarly useful applications. Phone Sheriff monitors activities on mobile devices and report inappropriate usage to monitors according to preference set by the latter. It provides remote phone locking and data deletion control to monitors.