26, July 2016: Mikazuki Publishing House announced on Thursday the release of the newest book by author Kambiz Mostofizadeh titled “Back To Gold” (ISBN-13978-1942825098). Back To Gold follows the history of Gold from ancient to modern times and how this precious metal has influenced nearly every facet of our lives. The new paperback argues that Gold is valuable because it arrived on earth nearly 4 billion years ago from space meteorites that crashed in to the earth, leaving craters not unlike that on the moon.

Back To Gold views the golden age of Gold, California Gold Rush, Australia and South Africa’s gold history, historical con-artists that claimed to make gold, business tycoons that used Gold to fund their empires, the Gold Standard, placer gold mining, and even includes a gold glossary. Back To Gold makes an argument for Gold, toting its advantages as being high liquidity and uniformity in pricing. Author Kambiz Mostofizadeh quoted from his book Back To Gold and said “Gold’s rarity is because Gold is not a naturally grown commodity like an orange is. Gold was delivered to Earth by space meteorites and it only happened 4 billion years ago. Gold cannot be cloned like plants and even animals can. Gold cannot create more Gold, as the alchemists in the Middle Ages lead potentates to believe. If you gathered all the mined Gold in the world, it would not fill up two Olympic sized swimming pools.

Gold is rare and valuable because it is of use to many industries including electronics, jewelry, engineering, medical, and dental. Throughout the ages, Gold has captivated our minds and hearts because of its rarity and beauty. Gold will continue to be valuable and its value will rise as individuals seek greater security.” Mikazuki Publishing House with Kambiz Mostofizadeh announced that Back To Gold is in paperback format and is in stores now. For more information visit Facebook.com/KambizMostofizadeh