March 16, 2016 —, a website managed by ex-felons who want to extend help for felons, has recently published its latest article on felony-friendly companies in North America. According to the article, Jobs That Hire Felons — Top 5 Felony Friendly Employers, individuals who have served prison time for felony have higher chances of finding jobs at Werner Enterprises, United Parcel Service (UPS), Target, American Airlines, and DuPont.

The article also provides readers with more information about the companies, their basic hiring policies, and the reasons why these companies are more likely to hire felons than their competitors.  Links to the hiring portal or the home page of these five companies are also provided thus providing readers the opportunity to immediately file their application with one or all of these felony-friendly companies. also provides information about the companies’ restrictions on hiring felons. For example, American Airlines will only hire felons for ground positions, not for the airplane crew and similar jobs.  The article also outlines the general compensation package, working hours, and career development opportunities, such as with UPS.

The website also offers useful information for ex-offenders to reintegrate into society and regain control over their lives. Interested individuals can get answers to common questions, such as “Can felons get passports?” or “Does a felony conviction mean prison?” as well as read articles about MADD Victim Impact Panel, violations of probation, and resume tips for applications. is slowly but surely building a reputation for providing assistance for ex-offenders through useful information before, during and after incarceration. A wide range of advice is provided from being productive even when in prison and finding employment after release.

About the Company: is a website created and managed by ex-offenders who write about their experiences, offer useful advice, and provide emotional support for fellow felons and ex-offenders as well as their families and friends.  Contact them via this link now!

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