Wilmington, DE 18th May 2016. At a special product release meeting, OUTXPROâ„¢ announced its new Mosquito Zapper in a smaller version for bedrooms, outdoor patios, business vestibules and small offices or stores. It’s a very effective insect control device that targets flying insects and keeps family and friends safe from annoying, biting insects.

The zapper can be hung from a chain and makes an effective mosquito control machine that can be added to supplement another larger zapper or can be used as a stand-alone zapper.

It uses an infrared bulb to attract insects and then zaps them as they reach the electronic grid inside. The zapper comes with a brush that can be used to clean it off at the end of the day. Dead insects can be easily removed from the machine. It’s one of the most effective and easiest to use; no hassle, just plug it in and let it work.

OUTXPROâ„¢ is offering its new Mosquito Zapper at a great price so families can afford to keep the bugs off this summer without breaking the bank. Its low power consumption is another benefit for families on a budget.

Another benefit of the Mosquito Zapper is the “no chemical” approach to bug control. No longer will families have to slather themselves with dangerous insecticides and sprays to ward off bugs. There is also no need for insecticide foggers when using the mosquito zapper. Insecticides can have side effects such as skin irritation, neuro toxicity and even cancer.

The mosquito transmitted Zika virus is due to hit the United States this summer so it is critical that families take serious preventive measures to reduce mosquito populations. Zika is a very devastating disease that causes microcephaly (shrunken head) in babies from women who contract the virus during pregnancy. Microcephaly children have developmental problems and require life-long medical treatment, other birth defects can be caused by Zika infected pregnancies.

At the unveiling of the Mosquito Zapper Rainer Diehl, president of OUTXPROâ„¢ spoke about the new product:
“This new Mosquito Zapper is being offered to our customers who desire a smaller insect control unit that can be placed in bedrooms and ‘tight areas’. We’re sure this is going to be a big hit with customers that want to supplement their bug control or need a smaller unit. With Zika on the rise, it’s more important than ever to fight the onslaught of mosquito infestation and this smaller version bug zapper will be an effective and economical way to keep mosquitoes under control.”

The Mosquito Zapper is an effective way to keep insects away in a version that can be placed in areas were a larger unit might be too much. It can be used in small business offices, bedrooms, kitchens, outdoor patios and stores. With low power consumption, it’s an economical way to control insects.

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