Wilmington, DE 18th May 2016. Today OUTXPROâ„¢ announced its new product, the All-In-One Electronic Pest Control device, an electronic insect and animal repellent that effectively drives insects, mosquitoes, rats, mice, silver fish, cockroaches and other nuisance animals out from walls and homes and keeps them out. This machine has several functions in one housing and uses several different modalities including high frequency noise, air purification, O-zone and electromagnetic wave—all of these designed to repel the most stubborn critters. It also features a night light as an extra bonus.

Here is a break-down of the separate functions of the All-In-One Pest Control:

O-Zone: This conditions the air so that bugs do not want stay around.

Anion: Air purification that keeps bugs away

Electromagnetic Waves: Deep penetrating waves that drive animals and insects out of walls.

High Frequency mosquito and pest repellent: Drives mosquitoes, insects and animals away.

Night light: Low light source serves as a safety light but won’t keep you awake, can be turned on or off.

All of the above functions can be used at the same time except for the O-zone and anion functions located on the same switch, use one or the other.

This advanced unit uses no chemicals or insecticides and does not harm pets, children or adults, although pet rodents may be affected. No sprays, lotions or chemical foggers are needed so you can keep the family safe while driving away pests. Once the unit is on for approximately 2 to 4 weeks, pests will be gone for good and will not come back.

The All-In-One can be centrally located on a floor of the home and it will cover 2500 square feet. It can also be used in businesses, restaurants, schools, stores or any place that bugs are a problem.

At the press meeting president of OUTXPROâ„¢, Rainer Diehl, had this to say about the All-In-One:

“We are very happy with this All-In-One pest control unit. It’s really one of the easiest ways to keep insects and rodents out of the home. Just plug it in and let it go to work. As always, were looking for new ways to keep the home free of pests while keeping families safe from dangerous insecticides from foggers, sprays and lotions. These chemicals can be highly irritating and the government has not made any 100% safety guarantees for people using these chemicals. Some, like DEET, are known to be dangerous neuro toxins.”

The All-In-One repels mosquitoes, rats, mice, sliver fish, moths, flies and any other small insect or rodent and keeps them away. It also has a convenient night light and uses very little electricity overall. The anion, O-zone, high frequency function and electromagnetic wave are together the most advanced scientific techniques for repelling pests.

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