Wilmington, DE 18th May 2016. At a special press release meeting, OUTXPROâ„¢ introduced its new Microfiber Mosquito Repellent Bracelet. Each microfiber band lasts at least 7 days and effectively repels mosquitoes, flies, black flies, no see ums and other nuisance bugs. Children or adults, anyone who needs to protect themselves from insects while outdoors will find these stylish bands effective at keeping dangerous insects away.

The Mosquito and Insect Repellent Microfiber Bracelets can be used at outdoor sporting events, kids camps, camping, fishing, outdoor concerts, really anywhere were people need to protect themselves from annoying and biting insects.|

They last at least one week each and come with their own zip lock container that can be used to store the bracelet overnight and between weekends to help prolong the potency, this habit can give the bracelet a longer life.

The microfiber bracelet uses natural plant oils such as citronella and others that insects hate but have a pleasant aroma for people. The bracelets do not use chemical insecticides that have been shown to have side effects such as skin rash or irritation, neuro toxicity or even cancer. Bothersome sprays, lotions and foggers will no longer be necessary with these easy to use insect and mosquito repellent bracelets.

According to health authorities, the mosquito transmitted Zika virus is due to be in the United States this summer so it is very important that families take serious steps to lower mosquito populations. Zika is a very devastating virus that causes microcephaly in infants born to women who contracted the virus during pregnancy. Children with microcephaly have developmental problems and require life-long medical treatment; other very serious birth defects can be caused by Zika infection during pregnancies.

At the introduction of the Microfiber Mosquito Repellent Bracelet president of OUTXPROâ„¢, Rainer Diehl spoke about the new product:

“This is really one of our more colorful and good looking mosquito and insect repellent bracelets with the same potency and effectiveness as our other bracelets. These are convenient products that can be snapped around a wrist or ankle and come with their own zip lock bag so you can seal them back in and preserve the potency so that they last longer than the 7 days. These bracelets are perfect for vacations, first aid kits, in the camper or with your fishing tackle.”

In summation, the Microfiber Mosquito Repellent Bracelet is effective against all sorts of flying insects and can be worn by anyone who needs protection from bugs while outdoors. They last 7 days and longer if stored in their sealable bags. They utilize safe and non-toxic plant oils that insects hate but have a pleasant aroma to people.

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