Wilmington, DE 19th May 2016. At a special product press release meeting, OUTXPROâ„¢ introduced its new Multi-Function Tactical Rescue Knife that can be used for outdoor or indoor use. This versatile tool can be used for fishing, sporting, around the house use or as an emergency tool for the glove box; its many functions make it a must-have for anyone that travels or spends time outdoors and it has multi-functions for indoors also.

Here is a breakdown of the different functions of the OUTXPROâ„¢ Multi-Function Rescue Survival Knife:
Blade-Can be used for cutting rope, cleaning fish, cutting meat, sharpening sticks. It’s a hardened stainless steel folding blade that will last many years. Has a safety lock that keeps blade from folding back on the hand while using.

Belt cutter-At the opposite end of the blade is an ultra-sharp cutter that can cut string, rope or a seat belt in case of vehicle entrapment in an emergency.

Led flashlight-On the top of the knife is a very bright  LED flashlight that can be used in case of power outage, road side emergencies, for camping or fishing excursions or a light for finding your keys or finding a dark path or walkway—a true survival device everyone needs.

Half teeth blade knife-Cut wood, plastic or just about anything else that needs to be sawn in half (except for steel).

Bottle opener-Open any bottle.

Glass breaker-Break window for escape from a vehicle that’s submerged or for other entrapment scenarios.

Belt clip-Use to clip on pocket or belt.

Fire starter-Magnesium fire starter can be scraped with the knife over dry kindling to ignite a fire if lost in the woods. Can also be used to start the barbeque or a propane stove while camping

This is a multipurpose, highly rugged folding rescue knife that has many uses for outdoors, the home, and garage and for roadside emergencies.

At the press gathering for the Folding Rescue Knife Rainer Diehl, OUTXPROâ„¢ founder, spoke about the new product:

“We’re very happy with this new Folding Rescue Knife, a truly exciting addition to the OUTXPROâ„¢ line of outdoor products. This is something that everyone needs to keep in the glove box in case of a roadside emergency. It’s also a great tool to take along on fishing or camping trips and can be used for many things you need done around the house, outdoors or in the garage. It’s a great rescue knife that can be used to escape from a seatbelt and break glass in case of car entrapment and it folds up easily for storage so you can keep it in your glove box. You can also use it to light barbeques, light up your propane stove, light your way down a dark path, cut rope or string. It’s just a tough, very well-made multipurpose knife perfect for emergencies or everyday use.”

Here’s a recap of the main features found on the Folding Rescue Knife:

-    Hardened steel folding blade for cutting rope, wood or sharpening sticks
-    Tough and durable for many years use under the toughest conditions
-    Safety lock so that blade will not fold back on hand during use
-    Has a glass breaker for emergency escape from vehicle entrapment
-    Seat belt cutter for emergency escape or for cutting rope or string
-    Very bright LED light
-    Bottle opener
-    Magnesium fire starter
-    Hardened stainless steel saw for sawing wood or plastic
-    Belt clip for belt or pocket

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