Hiring a virtual assistant from Virtual Helper 247 could be just what your online business needs to extend its services while saving on costs.

Experienced across a broad range of online business services, Virtual Helper’s assistants are skilled at building websites, creating graphics, executing strategic social media marketing, video and content creation, data entry, and much more. Whatever skills or resources your business lacks, Virtual Helper’s assistants are readily available to fill in the gaps.

Outsourcing to one of Virtual Helper’s trained professionals means that you can focus on your core business, and forget about the smaller administrative tasks. All virtual assistants are set up with their own office, computer and software, which means you’ll only pay for the work they complete.

Unlike other outsourcing websites, Virtual Helper matches your assistant to your specific needs, which means you’ll always have the best person working on the job. And if you need someone at short notice, you’ll quickly be matched up with an available assistant who can work on your project for the period of time you require.

All assistants work only the hours that suit your business operations, and are available for casual, part-time or periodic employment. This flexibility means you can manage your time more effectively while maximising efficiency and moving your business forward.

Virtual Helper’s range of month-to-month or yearly packages lets you determine how many assistants you’d like working at any given time, and how many hours’ work for which you’d like to sign up. Virtual Helper has no lock-in contracts, which means you’re able to cancel at any time.

With more than 70 staff members based in the Philippines and Hong Kong, Virtual Helper ensures that there’s always an assistant on hand to help with any of your enquiries. To ensure they can best serve the global business community, all assistants can be reached via Skype at any time of day.

As the online marketplace continues to grow at a rapid pace, it’s important for businesses to retain their competitive advantage. A Virtual Helper assistant could provide your online business with the edge it needs to stay ahead of the game while allowing you to stay on top of your workload.

Hiring a virtual assistant for online success
Virtual Helper 247 matches experienced online technicians, marketers and developers with small to medium-sized online businesses around the world who are looking for a competitive advantage. With more than 70 staff members and offices in the Philippines and Hong Kong, Virtual Helper’s assistants are available for casual, full-time or periodic employment, depending on individual business requirements.

With expertise in website building, on and off-page optimisation, traffic generation, web and content marketing, graphics and media editing, assistants are available to work on tasks that can improve existing business models or create new avenues into which businesses can expand. To ensure that every business is matched with the best person for the job, Virtual Helper assigns assistants based on their abilities and level of experience in each field.

As independent contractors who are constantly improving their skill set, Virtual Helper assistants are the experts in their field, which means small businesses will no longer be required to invest in training and development for existing employees.

As more business owners recognise the importance of a strong online presence, many are turning to Virtual Helper for their affordable and flexible month-to-month and yearly plans. Depending on a business’ requirements, Virtual Helper can assign up to three full-time assistants to work on allocated tasks. In recognition of changing workloads and quieter periods, Virtual Helper offers no lock-in contracts, which means businesses can opt out whenever they need.

For data entry and light administrative tasks, a Virtual Helper assistant could cost as little as $100 per week. More intensive tasks that require a higher level of service also remain affordable, and cost approximately $250 a week.

All Virtual Helper assistants(http://virtualhelper247.com/) are set up with their own computer, telephone, software and desk space, which means businesses only pay for the work being completed, and none of the secondary costs associated with hiring new employees.

For businesses looking to keep costs down while still improving their service offerings, outsourcing a virtual assistant is an affordable option that allows the owner to focus on the core business operations while the day-to-day administration and technical tasks are managed off-site by a dedicated expert.

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