Organic food products authorized franchise store in Indore


Indore:The increasing health consciousness promotes organic farming.The harmful chemical fertilizer and pesticides are not used in the organic farming because these are harmful to human body.


Organic products are grown from traditional farming; therefore, these are safe to health. Organic products are full of anti oxidants that increase the resistance power which protects us from disease.


Atul Malikram from Health 24x7 says that people are not sure about the quality of organic products. The firm exports natural products to many countries and the company products are as per all standards of purity, the firm has a reputation across India in organic farming.  Now we are opening store in Indore to provide quality natural organic products to Indoreans.


Health 24x7 opened on 6th, May 2017 and all Nature Land productsincluding natural products that are used in kitchen, will be available on the store.


Grains - wheat, maize, jowar, millet, jo, chaloi, ragi,kinwa and their flour and porridge; rice, brown rice, poha, multigrain flour, semolina, fencing etc.


Pulses- Tuar, gram, lobiya, matar, masoor, mung, mot, udad, raajma, soya been, desi chanaaurkabulichana, daana maitheesaabut and their pulses.

Spices - red pepper, tumeric, coriander,asafetida, saunf, jeera, clove, cardamom, tejpatta, black pepper, celery and linseed.

Juice - Alovera, Triphala, Amla powder and its juice, Jamun juice, amalprashand honey.


Jams and Flax- Apple, Mango, Pineapple and Mix Fruit Jam and Corn and Oatflax, Chana Mung, wheat flax (Chana thrust), roasted multigrain. Oil and pickles- groundnut, mustard, Seed, Sun Flower and Khopra oil and many types of traditional pickles and pasta of various varieties.Other-dried fruits, almonds, cashews, raisins, ghee, gram flour, sugar, brown sugar. This wide range of organic products is very good for health by making your kitchen extremely special and safe.


Organic food store address is Chandra Nagar, Near Syndicate Bank, Barfani Dham Road Indore Madhya Pradesh.


For more details contact-

Atul Malikram- 9755020247