Organic food present ‘Indore Chef 2017


Indore 24th July 2017: If you call yourself a food artist and love to experiment with cooking, then this is your chance to win the contest. You need not to visit anywhere to participate in the contest, just make your favorite dish, and send its photo with the recipe and your name on Whatsapp number 9755020247. Extra points for healthy recipes.


Competition already starts from the 10th July 2017 and the results will be announced on the 15th August 2017. Winners will be notified on their mobile phone itself.

Apart from the title "The Chef of Indore 2017”, winners will get cash prizes of Rs.2000/-, Rs.3000/- and Rs.5000/- and Mrs. Sheetal Rathore, 32 years, joined as one of the Judge for Event, she is very guest chef at IBC24 popular show “SWAD KI RASOI”.


Rules of Contest:

  1. Only one recipe can be sent from 1 mobile no. and only women can participate in the competition.
  2. Judge of the competition will be the Senior Officers of Nature Land and Indore Chef.
  3. Result of Health 24x7 will be Final and Valid.
  4. Your recipe should be real and yours, and should not be plagiarized. If found guilty, participant will be directly disqualified from the contest. Health 24x7 promotes a healthy lifestyle in serving the best quality organic products manufactured in unadulterated and natural  ways making them original and pure.


Health 24x7 aims to serve credit to the ladies who create art and innovation on their plates everyday. So hurry up Indore ladies get your registrations done on Whatsapp and Rock the competition.


For More information, please contact:

PR 24x7 Network Limited

Atul Malikram@9755020247

[email protected]