A dog kennel manufacturer that makes the most durable and elegant housing units is the one you should aim to find online. As there are so many sellers of kennel and cattery systems, there is a big chance of failure if you are not careful when selecting.  Catteries and kennels are serious financial investments and you want to do everything possible to avoid being ripped off.


The very first thing you should do is to determine the sort of dog and cattery manufacturer you want to meet. Is it going to be the kind of manufacturer that imports stuff or one that builds them personally? Importers will do anything to have their cheap products bought by unsuspecting customers who are made to believe that the items are made locally. It is so important that you do not get cheated.


So what you might need right now is a trustworthy buying guide provided by websites that have taken the time to compare many different cattery and kennel manufacturers. As you take the time to look for this guide, keep in mind that industrial-grade systems are the best you can buy. These are made with a sturdy steel metal and are designed to serve the intended purpose for several years.


Although industrial-strength kennels are made for veterinarians, dog breeders, police departments and related industry participants, individual homeowners or entrepreneurs can buy them. These will usually consists of a fourteen gauge steel frame or a thicker and heavier frame.  This top quality frame is used in an effort to increase the strength and rigidity of every dog kennel or cattery panel, as well as minimize the chance of corrosion occurring.


Another detail is that the steel frame is galvanized on the outside and inside. This is an assurance that the frame is protected from rust and can last for so many years.  Also, since the steel frame is very thick, the risk of deterioration to the galvanised finish is largely minimized. So you should choose a dog kennel manufacturer that sells thick framed houses with a galvanized finish.  Note that kennels and catteries that rust have thin frames, low quality galvanized finishes and the coat may be sprayed-on powder finish.


Another thing to focus on with regard to rusting or corrosion is the fact that the housing legs are vulnerable. Therefore, the best kennel frame will have plastic feet and this is usually not the case with many manufacturers’ products. When more than one kennel or cattery is required, it is important to watch how they are connected with each other. The best quality ones are linked via a simple drop-pin connecting hinge system.


This sort of hinge system allows for optimum kennel security and it allows customization of the panels. For instance, if you have existing kennel panels, you can connect them to the new ones. The modular structure of industrial quality housing units makes them totally creative and customizable. If you wish to buy these items today, just go online where there are so many options.  There is a great dog kennel or cat cattery manufacturer that will suit your needs.


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