Los Angeles: Oprah Winfrey has started a firestorm with the announcement that her OWN Network is creating & airing a new series called: ‘Greenleaf’, which in just 48 hours beat out Tyler Perry to became the most successful show own the OWN Network. The series is about a black mega church based in Memphis, Tennessee, and headed by Patriarch Bishop James Greenleaf. The series revealing explosive hidden secrets of the Family (greed, illegitimate children, lies, money, drugs & sex). Now it appears may have been plagiarized from what seems to be fallout of the scandals which started with the catholic church.

The similarity to the true life story of author Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips (son of a major church Bishop with over 7.5 million followers), who’s book titled: ‘Prodigal Son, Child of The King’, was shared with Oprah back in the early 90’s. The book is about his life as an illegitimate son of Bishop James O. Patterson Sr. The Presiding Bishop of The Church of God In Christ (The largest black evangelical Church Organization in the World), which is Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

Phillips claims during the early 90’s he assisted with publicity and personal appearances for Oprah’s 16-year-old god-daughter Deleon Richards, who was also co-star of Oprah’s Brewster Place television series. He also claims that Debbie Richards (Deleon’s Mother) gave him Oprah’s home address at the Water Tower in Chicago, for him to send Oprah a copy of his book and ask to come on her Oprah television show.

Phillips did so, and within weeks Oprah responded with a personally signed letter informing him how touched she was by his book. But would not be able to feature him on her the ‘Oprah Show’. Siting her close friendship and respect for Bishop Louis H. Ford who had taken over leadership of the Church of God In Christ after the death of James O. Patterson. A claim which has been confirmed by Bishop George D. McKinney, Pastor of San Diego’s St. Stephen’s Church along with several of the Churches Assistant Pastors.

Fast forward to 2016 & Phillips learned about Oprah’s Greenleaf series, when calls & text started coming in from people in Memphis, Tennessee, stating Oprah had a television crew in Memphis making a series that appeared to be based on his book. Phillips stating: “I shared my pain with Oprah, now I feel like I’ve been victimized a second time… I wrote Ms. Winfrey at her home in Montecito, California to try and resolve this and she wouldn’t even respond; She was someone I looked up to, now I’m starting to feel like its get over on the little guy, what can he do”.

And while Oprah has not confirmed Phillips book: ‘Prodigal Son, Child of The King’, was the inspiration for the series. The similarities are striking.

Series: About the life & times of The Prodigal Daughter
Phillips Book: About the life & Times of The Prodigal Son
Series: A Black Mega Church, Based in Memphis, Tennessee.
Phillips book: Church of God In Christ, the only Black Mega Church ever Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee;
Series fictional head of the Family & the black mega church: Bishop, James Greenleaf born in Arkansas; Phillips book real life head of the First Family & 7.5 Million Member black mega church, his Father Bishop, James Patterson born in Arkansas;
Series exposes out of wedlock children, sex, lies, greed, illicit activity, even allegations of murder in the Church.

Phillips book exposes out of wedlock children, sex, lies, greed, and illicit activity of the Patterson Family, even allegations of murder in the Church;
Series: Bishop James Greenleaf, Brother in law is accused of raping a 16-year-old girl; Phillips story: Bishop James Patterson was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl;
Series: James Greenleaf shoots his Brother in Law & is accused of burning down a Church resulting in a death;
Phillips story: James Patterson is suspected of accidentally killing his Brother in law (Robert Mason) in a fight, and burning down the house with Mason’s body inside;
and other similarities.

In light of these revelations, there seems to be serious questions of whether Oprah’s new ‘Greenleaf’ mega series, is at the very least, loosely based on the book: ‘Prodigal Son, Child of The King’ by Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips. Who continues to tell his story to anyone who will listen at: JOPattersonMinistry.com

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