Open up to high speeds with Photon 3G Wi-Fi


  • Tata Docomo launches Photon 3G Wi-Fi, High Speed internet Wi-Fi with speeds upto 21. 6Mbps
  •  Photon 3G Wi-Fi can connect as many as 10 devices simultaneously. Significant reduction on Internet Access spends
  • Connect to any USB slot — Laptops, Car Music Systems, DTH, Power Plug, Car Charger, Battery Bank etc and create your own Wi-Fi Zone
  • Company also enhances its GSM network in MP by adding 750 sites and extended the Services from 931 town to 1485 towns and from 4032 villages to 8111 villages



Indore, Tata Docomo Photon, the market leader in the high speed wireless internet space, today announced the upcoming launch of revolutionary product Photon 3G Wi-Fi for the market of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh. Tata Docomo customers can create their own Wi-Fi Zone anytime anywhere and access the internet through any device — laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. The network effortlessly serves upto 10 devices simultaneously. The experience of services like video on demand, video streaming, hi-speed data transfer and a host of personal and enterprise applications will undergo a phase-shift. Photon 3G Wi-Fi will catalyse the blossoming of an entirely new telecom eco-system of not just internet on the go but internet on Wi-Fi.

India is now the world’s third largest internet user after US and China with more than 165 million internet users and it is estimated that by 2015 India will cross the 330 million mark. Proliferation of internet, Affordable Smart-phones, Notebooks, Tablets and introduction of Wi-Fi enabled devices will fuel this growth and provide a great fillip to the data market in India.


Speaking on the launch of Photon 3G Wi-Fi, Mr Shailendra Singh, Mobility Business Unit head, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat circle Tata Docomo said “Standing tall on the fundamental tenet of simplifying consumer’s life, Photon 3G Wi-Fi serves up a hassle-free experience for our consumers. Customers can get high speeds on the go and create their own Wi-Fi zone connecting upto 10 users simultaneously anywhere, anytime. We firmly believe that the future of the telecom category is data and that too not just providing access but a whole new world of services riding on the data networks.”


“Furthermore, It gives me immense pleasure to share another news which is about our network expansion in the Madhya Pradesh. We have added 750 sites and extended the Services from 931 towns to 1485 towns and from 4032 villages to 8111 villages, which is line with our overall business strategy to identify and invest in high growth markets. We continue to be deeply committed to offer the best quality network coverage and reach for our customers.”Added Mr Singh.


Photon 3G wifi comes with some amazing offers. There is a device cash back offer which makes the device free of cost in 13 months. Customers can opt from wide range of Wi-Fi Unlimited plans starting from Rs 500 that offers 3GB unlimited data to Rs 1550 offering 15GB of unlimited data. Price conscious customers can opt for Pay as you go model and yet enjoy high speed internet access. New customers can also enjoy the same benefits as mentioned above.


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