Los Angeles, CA; 03, March 2016: If you are still sitting on an old iPhone or Android that is doing nothing more than gathering dust; there is a solution available to you now. Oofoog.com offers cash for all old cell phones, MP3 players, smart watches, computers and tablets in any condition, working or dead. This revolutionary concept to recycle old cell phones, like most ideas, was born out of necessity.


"I had friends who complained they could not get rid of their old electronics, and the same people did not want to throw old phones away," said Aram Nalbantian, owner of Oofoog.com. "There had to be some value to them, so I started the OOFOOG website to address their needs."

Interested parties need only log into the website and answer a few simple questions. The site will respond with a fair quote based on that information. Accept the quote, and a FREE shipping label will come to them via email. Customers then print, package, and send their unwanted electronics in to the company. Once received, the experts at Oofoog.com will evaluate the electronics based on the description and promptly send a payment to the seller.

"It really is that simple. I have already had plenty of people sending in recent iPhones and Samsung Galaxies that were still perfectly good. Some have sent phones with seriously cracked screens, and those customers were paid as well," said Nalbantian.

Besides buying electronics, Nalbantian has set up the website with a special contributionscenter for customers. The R3 program, Repurpose, Reintroduce and Reuse, allows the public to make contributions of their old electronics. Then, if so desired, their name (or company name) isproudly posted on OOFOOG.com’s social media pages for others to see.

"The R3 project really gives people a solid idea of how their recycled electronic items can help people and the planet," said Nalbantian, "and it is a great way to put old cell phones and electronics to good use."

OOFOOG.com is considered one of the best and most trusted placesonline to sell old cell phones or tablets, outdated computers, MP3 players, smart watches, and old tech devices. It’s easy to use, lightening fast, and great for the environment. Visit Oofoog.com to get started exchanging your old electronics for cash.

About Oofoog.com:

OOFOOG.com pays consumers to sell new or used cell phones, tablets, smart watches, computers and MP3 players… whether they are working or not.

By going on the Oofoog.com website and getting a quick quote, customers can ship their old electronics and receive a payment through a check in the mail or via Paypal. We also have our R3 section, which allows individuals to contribute electronics that they have no more use for.

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