Many gamers who play PC game think that online world of warcraft is boring, only those gamers who are so rich and bored to raid and kill virtual characters in a virtual world. However, PC game is an idealized world, more time you play for, farther from the real world.

Online world of warcraft makes you have a happy feeling to touch real society and real persons. It teaches you how to touch with different kinds of persons, how to communicate and cooperate. World of Warcraft form a group to do the kind of fresh experience, and passers-by will give you all kinds of Buff, strangers of the group will send you a equipment by himself. Such a friendly atmosphere attracts more and more gamers. Some gamers in the world of warcraft are kind to send wow gold to you if you need help.

By playing world of warcraft, gamers of non-English countries can also improve English ability. If you want to buy World of Warcraft goldor World of Warcraft” Collector’s Edition from, you also need to find a lot of banks to apply for an international debit card, and learn how to exchange dollars to your account on the black market. You can’t have a trip at US sever before you purchase wow time card.

Playing world of warcraft is a good way to learn English. If you are the first time to play at Azeroth, you may can’t read quest instruction, and have to look up in a dictionary. And you can’t play this game as a PC game, or you will be hard to level up. You should start to learn join a group to do instance, so little by little grow up. After some time, you are not only a technical and good mage; you also will be familiar with all aspects of world of warcraft. Your English ability will also improve a lot, you may listen to understand speech even make comments on the guild forums. World of Warcraft does a lot help for gamers.

Compared with PC game, online world of warcraft are more meaningful and interesting. But World of Warcraft has a bad point; it need time card, even takes dollars to buy gold for wow and equipments. On the other hand, you can earn money by sell world of warcraft gold and equipments.



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