At, online shoppers can order specially curated gifts to support loved ones in times of illness, loss or grief.

Besides its comforting care packages for occasions like divorce and breakups, the company has issued a gift range to provide support to loved ones and friends struggling with illness, convalescence and grieving, but also to show appreciation to nurses and caregivers.

Visitors can shop for appropriate pet loss gifts at and order the standard package containing chocolates, teas, aromatherapy oils, wines and more. Also, they have the possibility to personalize their gift by including a meaningful message.

Anyone wishing to show appreciation and gratitude to a caregiver or nurse can go to to peruse the appropriate gift options. All items are carefully wrapped to maximize the surprise factor and ensure everything stays in perfect condition during the shipping process.

Friends, relatives or colleagues facing difficult times can be soothed by the inspirational and motivational gifts available at

Uplift Gift helps people celebrate love, friendship and gratitude and strengthens their bond not only in happy times, but also in moments of pain and despair.

An in-house team ensures pleasant and reliable customer service. International buyers are asked to contact the staff at 877-792-1661 and get in touch with the company's international specialist. Customers also have the flexibility to send the purchased gift to a college campus or a hospital, given that the receiving institution is willing to deliver the package to the designated recipient.

In addition to pet loss gifts, shoppers will also find presents appropriate for breakups or divorce, as well as for other difficult life changing moments. The company, founded by Kirsten Henry Fox, a breast cancer survivor, also participates in donating a part of its profits to charities. It is also possible for customers to make donations in the names of friends or family members to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

About the company

UpliftGift.Com is a Utah based online company selling gift packages domestically and internationally and enabling charity donations to support breast cancer research. The gifts are meaningful for recipients experiencing stressful or painful moments such as pet loss, divorce, illness and more.

To find out more about the current offerings, please visit the store at

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