Following the launch of the new line of wedding favours by one of the most popular online stores alegantpremiums, yet to wed couples in Singapore are already making a beeline to make their first order. Today, no wedding is complete without a wedding favor that shows how thankful the couple is to the guests. There are so many ways a couple can take inspiration for their perfect choice.

Specialists at this have time and again repeated the fact that there is no one perfect choice. If anything, wedding favours are counted perfect when it is personal and displays what the couple really are. Celebrity weddings have witnessed over the top gifts like diamond bracelets among others. Many of the professional wedding planners have also said that it is not at all about the price tag or how classy it looks. There are weddings where couples have spent fortunes on their wedding favours and yet have not managed to touch the hearts of the guests because there was nothing personal about it. Many experiences have shown that guests instinctively know whether a gift is chosen from the heart of the couple or just an excuse to show off their wealth. This means that the amount of money spent by a wedding couple on the gift will not at all deliver the love to the guests. There have been instances where guests received plastic bracelets and were touched by the sincerity of the couple. Experts always recommend that the best wedding favours are the ones that are personal and reflect what the couple is.

Alegant Premiums is an online store that sells some of the most innovative and personal wedding gifts. The web site has taken a step forward and has incorporated a personalized service that will help couples find out what exactly would be best for them. For more information please go to

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