SAN DIEGO, CA — The word is out, and for the business community, the news may not be good. USA Today has reported that seven out of every 10 consumers put as much trust in an online review, whether positive or negative, as they do in a recommendation from a family member or friend.

To business owners, the news may not be welcome. Since many people never take the trouble to review a business unless they’ve had a problem with it, these online reviews frequently skew unfairly toward the negative side of the equation. For any company with a strong online presence, the trend can be alarming.

In today’s technological society, a good reputation on the Internet is essential to the health of any company. No one is more aware of the problems caused by negative business reviews than Carl Saling III, Director of Awesome for “The biggest issue with review sites,” he says, “is that customers rarely go to the Web to share their positive experiences.”

That’s why owners of small- to medium-sized companies should be glad to know that The Review Titans can provide them with the apps required to level the playing field and regain control of their valuable reputations. This mobile online review system allows customers to provide a company with feedback directly over an iPad or other mobile device before they have left its place of business. One of the most popular apps permits a customer to contact management directly, thereby giving the company a chance to defuse an undesirable situation before it turns into a bad review.

Posting the best feedback online immediately will keep consumers well informed while correcting any negative impressions.

“Many business owners today feel their online reputation is often misleading and detrimental to their bottom line,” says Saling. Fortunately, the online review system provided by should be able to help any business correct false impressions by allowing it to publish good reviews instantly while taking steps to ensure that the poor ones never get written.

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