Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA), leader in Internet marketing training, announces the launch of a new service to analyze and report how a company stacks up against the competition in its local market. This service comes at the introductory price of $299, enabling small business owners to gain valuable insights into their online presence affordably.

Simon Volkov, OMDNA’s founder, says that their local competitive analysis gives owners the valuable data they need to focus on what needs fixing. “In addition to identifying the competition,” he says, “our tool provides owners with insights into keywords, SEO, social status, and pay-per-click advertising.”

Competitive analysis is a vital part of any business plan and must be undertaken regularly to ensure company growth. It is useful and even critical for identifying a promising business into which an individual might enter, and anyone reviewing business performance expects to see it.

“Knowing what competitors are doing,” says Volkov, “helps our clients to understand market placement and to develop strategies for outranking the competition in search engine results. Our reports furnish all the data owners need to analyze niche markets and to find effective ways to boost market share.”

OMDNA analytic reports are based on extensive market research . Some of the key features provided are:

- Identifying competitors and their search engine ranking within the specific niche.
- Assessing the current ranking and status of the client’s company within its market.
- Showing where competitors are focusing their marketing efforts and what methods can be used to outrank them.

Proprietary data collection methods enable Online Marketing DNA to compile detailed competitor analysis reports and to assess client placement in search engine results. Example data elements are inbound links, page rank, number of first-time and returning visitors, number of indexed pages, metadata optimization, and pay-per-click advertising.

“Each of these elements is important,” says Volkov, ” in terms of how to manage content, increase search positioning, and implement strategies for improvement. Our competitive analysis reports provide a navigational map towards success.”

OMDNA emphasizes the need today for every business owner to recognize clearly his market competition, especially with online businesses competing on all levels, locally, nationally, and globally. “Competition for online companies is substantially fiercer than for traditional brick-and-mortar stores,” says Volkov. “Comprehensive reports, such as those we provide, are the only reliable means to keep and increase market share.”

Online Marketing DNA is equipped to compile a comprehensive local competitive analysis report in two to three business days. They give clients to option to purchase them as standalone products or to combine the service with other OMDNA offerings, including personal coaching, social media marketing training, and Internet marketing courses.

About Online Marketing DNA

Online Marketing DNA provides a range of packages that help businesses achieve a strong Internet presence and brand, including social media marketing programs . Their new local competitive analysis service is a premier strategy for helping clients to outperform their niche competitors. Act now to take advantage of this valuable tool at .

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