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If you are reading this then you are JUST like me. Im 14 and I dont like cold or rainy weather. I hate the Wii and PS2 but love computer games. I download some games and some I play on line. I love the ones that are FREE and I just click and play - no downloading so it wont mess up my computer (again). I spend most of my spare time searching~looking~browsing for games on the web~WWW~internet. I then find games or types of games and I play them all day and night. I drive my folks and friends crazy.

If this is you.. well join the game play club. I did quit playing games on the web~internet~WWW~W W W - but that only lasted a few days. I also have this buddy - he didnt want to quit so he dove me nuts those few days. Well sorry folks (that the appology) to my folks... here is where im at right now (at least they know where I am). My favotite games are racing, monster trucking, shooting and the odd mind blowing game - check out this FREE site where I play alot http://iplaygame.net

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I use this cool site - its got over 4000 FREE games (and more showing up every day) and lots links to other sites. Add your advice so other folks know if its an an easy game to play. Here are some other types of games to play - adventure, board games, fighting, puzzles, thinking, sports, strategy, jumping etc. Lots of fun things to drive - ATV, bikes, cycles, cars, trucks and more.

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