New York City, 02/10/2013 — Busy lives often leave people with little time to even carry out their routine tasks, let alone finding the time to make room for edification from art. Art enthusiasts from all over the world have benefited with the introduction of online art exhibitions. Art Experience NYC is a website that offers art enthusiasts current trends and insights in to the contemporary art scene in NYC

ArtExperienceNYC has launched its new website 

The first issue of the magazine was released in January, 2011, and the site has rapidly become a forum for the discussion of relevant topics on Contemporary art, from today’s abstraction to young performance artists and alternative ways of promoting new art. The magazine has also published exclusive interviews with well-known figures, such as Annette Messager, Byron Kim, Carlito Carvalhosa, Ali Hossaini and art critic John Perreault. 

ArtExperienceNYC is a priceless resource for understanding new trends and thinking about recent artistic developments in the New York City Area. ArtExperienceNYC is now becoming widely read by artists, art critics, art dealers, and scholars, and art lovers all over the world. 

The magazine is also available in Spanish. It is, indeed, the first publication devoted to visual arts in New York City, which actively targets the Spanish speaking community. 

One can find a catalogue of different types of art exhibitions within the website that range from old masters to modern art. The site features self-service advertising for galleries in the city to feature their art exhibitions, in the same way their first advertiser, Sotheby’s House has. 

Art Experience NYC has distinguished itself as one of the art scene’s thought-leaders when it comes to art auctioning online. Art Experience NYC has been instrumental in showcasing contemporary art in NYC in the best possible manner. The main aim of Art Experience NYC is to provide a platform to emerging talent, and a showcase for more established works. 

Art Experience NYC features works in both larger venues, such as the museum of modern art (or MOMA) and smaller galleries all over the city. The art work is displayed in such a manner so as to inspire the general public. The impressionist form of art present in the collection is truly inspiring towards the development of unconventional art forms and unusual art spaces. 

When it comes to New York City Art, Art Experience NYC has established itself as one of the premier choices amongst art enthusiasts from across the globe. 

About Art Experience NYC 


Art Experience NYC is the favorite destination for art lovers from all over the world. They can find different art forms and works from top artists. The website offers the opportunity to review the latest criticism of art across nearly every conceivable school. 

Ernesto Menéndez-Conde
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