100% of LAX Ammo’s own brand name ammunition and reloads are manufactured in the United States and distributed nationwide from their warehouse and online ammunition store . Their online ammunition store has quickly gained and maintained a reputation for their quality and low priced ammunition and gear.

To ensure that they are offering their online ammunition store customers the lowest price possible, LAX Ammo manufactures their own factory-brand new ammunition and reloads. They do not hesitate to take the extra step and go directly to ammunition companies. Their online ammunition store wants to make certain that their customers can get whatever they want, whenever they want by making sure that they have a wide range of fully stocked ammunition in their warehouse.

The online ammunition store was established in 2009 when the need arose for cheap ammunition during a time when ammunition was scarce. Their firing range allowed them to see the need and provide a solution for their range customers, and since then has grown into a leading American online ammunition store.

About LAX Ammo

LAX Ammo has a nationwide reputation for being the go-to online ammunition store for cheap ammunition. Their factory-new and reloaded ammunition is popular amongst American gun owners that have a need for an online ammunition store that provides only the best. To purchase ammunition online follow the link to and do not hesitate to call 1-855-407-2666 with any questions.

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Dave Sanders
Company Name: LAX Ammo
Phone Number: (310) 568-1515
Address: Inglewood, CA
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