Shipping liquids is a challenging activity which requires making the right packaging decisions. Many companies chose metal or plastic drums for transportation, but these come with many expenses. A better solution for shipping non-hazardous liquid products is using a liquid shipping container. These containers are safe, reliable and minimize transportation expenses.

One way bag in the box bulk disposable containers are liquid recipients which you can dispose of after use. This packaging solution can bring you many financial advantages because the containers are relatively cheap and don’t need any maintenance. Traditional materials like metal and plastic have to be cleaned and reconditioned periodically so that they can continue being used in freight transportation. With one way bag in the box bulk disposable containers, things are different. These recipients are made of heavy corrugated cardboard, which means there is no need to clean them, repair them or indeed maintain them in any way. Therefore, by using a liquid shipping container you can make important economies. If you want, you can reuse the containers several times, but you should know that most companies simply dispose of them after use, to eliminate re-shipping costs.

One way bag in the box bulk disposable containers are not only a cost-effective solution in shipping, but also a highly functional one. Corrugated cardboard systems can increase workers’ productivity, which can boost a company’s activity and profits, at the same time saving more time. It takes 1 minute to setup a liquid shipping container and a skilled worker will have an easy time preparing the container for filling. Cardboard is far lighter than plastic and metal, which means handling a liquid shipping container is much easier than handling traditional containers. This can save additional time in shipping operations, reducing labor costs. One way bag in the box bulk disposable containers are designed to keep liquids safe even during rough handling. Thanks to the stable structure of corrugated cardboard, the containers are highly resistant and can efficiently protect liquid products like beverages or soft chemicals. Various types of flexible liquid liners can be installed on these totes to support different product applications.

One way disposable containers are a green alternative many companies are taking advantage of. The disposable totes are biodegradable so they’re safe for the environment. Moreover, they produce no contamination. Manufacturers produce these totes in conformity with all international health and safety regulations. Therefore, they’re a reliable solution in shipping. In many ways, disposable totes are a better option that metal or plastic drums, especially for companies which only ship small quantities of products or which run shipping activities occasionally. The financial advantages are considerable on short-term, so if you’re interested in reducing operational costs in shipping, you should read more about the disposable packaging system. There are lots of other interesting things you can learn about this subject, but we’ll let you do the work yourself. Look online for disposable totes and you’ll see how these can make your business thrive.
Reduce your shipping costs with one way bag in the box bulk disposable containers . The liquid shipping container is a packaging solution which can bring you many financial advantages.