10, May 2016: Someone said, if you can only stay one day in London, you must choose East London. Since ancient times, East London is home to the poor and immigrants. For instance, Dickens's Oliver Twist describing a vagrant orphan was caught in thieves' hideout. Sherlock Holmes in Conan Doyle's books had been there as an undercover in an opium den. Complicated and confusing Jack The Ripper case happened at the Whitechapel area of East London.

Although it is said that it is the highest rate of crime in London, some people think that East London is the most vital place in London.

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For the current London, East London is distributing center of India and Pakistan art lads. The mess hides lively personality. Every day, there are young people with artistic dreams swarming into there and there are people leaving for another places with broken dreams or leave for more ambitious goal.

If you have only one day to stroll around and to feel their own unique temperament of East London, then you can choose the Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter as the travel equipment that is the most useful vehicle to help you have a deeper understanding of the local customs and practices.

Architecture is the solidification of the art, through which you can pass through time, and contact with a region or a city’s memories. Through a series of building group, you can learn the development process and modern culture, personality.


During the World War two, East London was Nazi German aircraft bombing target, and it has been in ruins. Reconstruction began in fifty after the war, and new residential areas continued to emerge. Therefore, it has formed the scenery of new and old buildings intertwined.

Although at first glance, the East London is dirty and messy, if you can calm down and have patience to explore the unimpressive regions by feet. It is not impossible to find the Roman architecture over two thousand years ago. Of course, if you only have one day, then you must quicken your pace. Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is such kind of smart equipment as fast as three times of walking. With Airwheel, you won’t miss any scenery, and you will have sufficient time to gain comprehensive understanding of the East London street style in a more relaxed way.


There is no need to concern about the problem of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is inharmonious with the East London streets. East London people have their own aesthetics of life. In the street, people are free to wear their favorite costumes. Here, people will not be criticized for the bold wearing, instead, they may be recognized by some people.

This is a piece of land full of inclusiveness. No matter where you are from, what your interest is and what kind of attitude to show yourself, East London is ready to accept you. Interesting, bold and diverse, this is a boredom-free place.

For a one day trip, you may feel that these artistic ones who are hidden and filled with the streets are secretive in their movement and trace. In East London, sometimes when you talk to the stall holders to your heart’s content, you may find he is a design superstar. Such dramatic plot also occurs.

In just one day, it is a very difficult thing to find them, so you might as well take a stroll along the street full of small shops and galleries that are also designers’ place to find inspiration. Perhaps you can feel special temperament belonging to the Eastern District from those ubiquitous graffiti.

For the sudden appearance shop in the street, you may feel excited and have the impulse to go immediately into the shop. Then, parking is troublesome and waste of time. Riding Airwheel, you don't face such problems. Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter is powered by clean energy with zero emission and it is ultra-quiet, so that you can ride it to any shop without breaking the quietness. Of course, you can also carry it into the shop, and lighter weight and portability is a big advantage.

Of course, East London is not just a place mainly depending on temperament, there are a lot of theme buyer shops and markets, so you can also enjoy shopping fun. And here, you will put aside utilitarian ingredients. The goods you see are unrelated to the designer famous or not. As long as they cater to shopkeepers’ pleasure, they will be sold.

East London's Spitalfields market is the oldest semi open type bazaar, which can be traced back to 1638 Charles I period. Originally, it opened only on Sundays and now has evolved to 7 days a week, and every day there are different themes. Goods are sold from the original clothing and accessories to music, books, posters, from creative living supplies and furnishings to all the snacks, retro furniture, and second-hand clothes even originals of artists and so on. Everything you name it.

Every day, there are a vast of people in the market and many of them look for inspiration or bargains artist and fashion celebrities. So the Spitalfields market can also be said to be one of the London fashionable personage’s favorite market. Booths are relatively denser, the flow of people is great. Walking into evert corner of the market is a huge challenge. While the flexible small Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter can be ridden freely that can save you from an exhausted state.

Different from west London's power and wealth, North London’s comfort, East London is the most interesting and most diverse place, which well worth a visit.

And if you want to have a taste of the East London glamorous sub culture, then Airwheel electric scooter is a must, whether it is from the personality of the travel, or convenience that are well matched to East London temperament.

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