July 13, 2016. (Budaörs/Hungary) OLIARTS Studio, the maker of the much talked about CinniBird Spice Pen which has been on the market for about three years is here again with another beautiful product. The Hungary based company is again towing the line of spice/food and decoration products but coming up witha new magical product.

The new product which is still in its prototype stage is dubbed the HocuSpoon alias the Magic Spice Spoon. Hocuspoon is a beautifully designed spice spoon which would be used as a decorating spoon especially with ground food products such as ground cinnamon, sugar, instant cocoa, paprika, etc.

So what is the use of HocuSpoon? Based on its design, it comes as a fancy spoon, fitted with a removable head. This design makes it easy to clean. And just as persons are celebrating the removability of the head, HocuSpoon has also come to announce that the head also comes with a removable and changeable stencil. Perhaps, that is the part where the spoon performs its magic. The removable stencils are so perforated so that the ground food matter on the head can be sieved down assuming the design or the shape of the perforations on the stencil. It shouldn’t come as a surprise therefore that the pack of this tool would come with different beautiful templates or shapes for the stencils. Some of the templates produce shapes in form of a butterfly, star, heart, circle, spiral, cat face, ship or even a human face.

Also coming in beautiful colors, the Magic Spice Spoon will give a sense of life to designed products and would be such delight to be seen by adults and children alike. It will find use in homes, restaurants and coffee shops; baking and food finishing. OLIARTS Studio has also noted that the Magic Spice Spoon will be assembled/built in Hungary.

The prototype of this product has been developed and according to the testimony of persons, it is a beautiful piece of equipment. To begin tooling and mass production however, OLIARTS Studio plans to roll out a crowdfunding campaign. This campaign is scheduled to start on 13th July 2016, and would be hosted on the Indiegogo platform. OLIARTS Studio, the vision driven and business minded company and an emerging player in the food equipment industry therefore asks the general public to be a part and support the crowdfunding campaign. They are surely a company to be identified with.

So do not be left out. Support the cause. Become a magician with Hocuspoon - the Magic Spice Spoon.

Balazs Oltvai
Campaign page: igg.me/at/hocuspoon
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.hocuspoon.com