creates delicious sushi meals right in the homes of their clients. This Boston catering service offers a unique variation on making meals at home. This is sushi catering Boston residents are still discovering even after five years of being in existence. is certainly one of the more interesting sushi catering Boston based services which offers a unique take on the traditional catered event. provides sushi catering Boston residents have enjoyed for over 5 years. Chef Ryan has headed and has made it a highly successful business. This Boston catering service has a simple goal, to provide the best sushi created in the homes of their loyal customers. Chef Ryan literally goes to the home of a client and prepares sushi rolls right in front of their eyes. Working in the very kitchens of those he serves, Chef Ryan brings all the ingredients needed to create a tempting sushi plate. Customers order through and can select the type of service that they want and for how many will be served. From small parties to larger corporate and club events, has experience in working with different types of patrons and the numbers being served.

“Working with food especially with sushi has always been my dream, creating delicious rolls right on their kitchen and taking care of my clients is my passion.”, said Chef Ryan.

This Boston catering services not only reaches all areas of the city, but all of Massachusetts as well. Chef Ryan prides himself in offering the best sushi that can be delivered to the home. Plus, his dedicated staff greatly help in preparing the ingredients needed to make each client’s experience unforgettable. In addition to the sushi catering Boston and Massachusetts residents enjoy, Chef Ryan also offers sushi classes that can instruct anyone how to properly prepare different types of sushi meals. The training provided is hands-on and the students get to sample their works. Expert instruction is offered by Chef Ryan and the result is now more people can create sushi delights in their own home in the professional manner.

Chef Ryan Pellumbi has worked in many different seafood restaurants in the past 7 years as a sushi chef. During that time, Chef Ryan has offered his services as a sushi catering Boston based company that has served sushi at various establishments. Many golf country clubs such as Pine Brook located in Weston, Massachusetts, the Wallaston Golf Club in Milton and the Nashawtuc Country Club in Concord have hosted Chef Ryan for a full sushi catering service. In addition, Chef Ryan has provided sushi catering Boston business and private events such as tournaments, bar and bat mitzvahs, parties, social engagements and other functions. It is recommended that customers contact at the earliest convenience to insure that their event is properly scheduled.

For more information about Chef Ryan and the Boston catering sushi service he offers, please go to the website. There you will find pertinent information about how to order sushi catering, enroll in sushi classes and about how works.

Company: Offersushi
Contact: Chef Ryan
Phone: 508-450-9063
60 Pleasant St
Boston, Massachusetts
Email: [email protected]