29, February 2016: The contest of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters held by Lynn, Owen and Lexi has commenced for ten minutes. On the even road, they kept in a line and nobody showed an obvious lead. In the next section—bends, Lynn’s single-wheeled self-balancing scooter X8 showed its massive advantage over other models. It smoothly and quickly passed several bends and then took the lead. Owen seemed to feel nervous because his two-wheeled intelligent scooter was not good at bends. As a result, Owen lagged behind the two. But he still gave up for he believed that he would overtake them on the third section.


The third of contest is the tough terrains. The terrain is full of soil and not even. What’s worse, there are dotted with stone and steps. Lynn is taking the lead, thereby being the first to greet the tough terrains. At the sight of the terrain, she feels slightly embarrassed. When she cycles 5 metres forward. She stumbles over the rock.

She is confident her skill of riding Airwheel electric unicycle X8. Hence she feels awkward to fall over. She also clearly knows that the terrain is a challenge to her and her Airwheel X8. But she has to face up to the terrain. She slowly passes the terrain. And soon Owen catches up with her. It is high time for Owen to show the potent ability to keep balance of S5.


Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S5 is born to be an off-road winner. Being positioned as personal ATV, Airwheel S5 can easily negotiate tough terrains, bumping over the rocky and craggy section of road. Owen confidently steers his S5 to passes the tough terrain and even he goes down the steps with ease and without any hitch. He chalks a lead. Finally, he gains the final victory. Although he lagged behind in the beginning, he wins at last. It goes to say that Airwheel S5 is good at passing over tough terrains.

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