Rugged Quality with Lots of Space, Protects Important Documents and Guards Identity

In a special product launch ceremony ODY Travel Gear announced their new Neck Wallet with RFID, an advanced shielding system that blocks attempts to steal information via radio communication. This is rugged and untearable carrying gear for those “on the road” who require protection from over-the-air theft and also a need a complete wallet system that can hold all their important cards and documents.

This tri fold, Velcro wallet design adds extra security against theft or accidental loss. It includes 4 card slots, passport pouch, ID slot with clear panel, and zippered money slots—a comprehensive system that holds everything a traveler needs.

Perhaps one of the most important features of this new travel gear is the layer of highest quality, lab tested RFID protection, a stitched layer of advanced shielding that protects against data theft. This makes traveling into wireless hotspots a safe and worry free experience.  Despite all the extra security, cards, money and documents are easily accessed without rummaging around.

It’s made of water resistant, easy clean material that’s tough, sleek and won’t wear down due to its reinforced edges—no fraying, even under severe travel conditions.

Men and women can wear this stylish wallet with its soft, adjustable, easy carry strap. Just pull it over the shoulder or use a strong belt loop to carry.

At the introductory ceremony Guy Fisher, founder of ODY Travel Gear, talked about the significance of this technologically advanced wallet system:

“We wanted to offer something to our customers that would make their lives easier while traveling—physically secure their documents and provide enough room for all their important cards and money. But also we were aware that there is an absolute need for security against high-tech thieves, the times we live in absolutely require this type of security against data theft and our new Neck Wallet has the highest quality RFID shield available.”

ODY Travel Gear is currently offering a free pen with every purchase of their new Neck Wallet along with a special introductory price of $14.95 (regular price $18.95). And as always, they provide a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


Video:  Is this the perfect Neck Wallet for Travel with RFID Blocking?

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