07, April 2015: An Oceanside veteran declares Premiere Financial as the best VA home lender after a no cost home refinance. 

An Oceanside CA vet and his wife are singing the praises of Premiere Financial and its owner, Rich Luisi after a no cost home refinance. Upon closing their loan, a lenders credit of $1500 was given back to the happy couple, showing Luisi’s dedication to his clients. 

Through his “Top Flight Loan Process” and a special tool called the Rapid Rescore Simulator, Luisi achieves success for his numerous satisfied clients. Following is an example of how Premiere Financial enabled a couple to refinance their home at no cost to them: 

Enjoying the Southern California lifestyle in Oceanside, near Camp Pendleton where this vet was stationed, the couple came into the refinance with only $1500 in cash. To their dismay, the credit union they were working with was requiring $6500 and the CU was only willing to give them $2500 of what was needed. This left them $2500 shy and unable to qualify for the refinance. 

In typical Rich Luisi style, not only did Premiere Financial pay the entire $6500 in closing costs, including the first year’s property taxes and fire insurance, he was also able to give a lenders credit and return the initial $1500 at the close of escrow. 

Big banks and credit unions are limited on what they can give and apply as credit. Because Premiere Financial is a direct lender and has multiple sources available for lending, they are able to shop around or do their research to find the best loan with the best interest. This allows every possible opportunity to help their client get easy and affordable loans. Premiere Financial credits vets and active duty military all the purchase costs back and the loans end up being no cost, no fee loans. 

To read additional Premiere Financial testimonials go to http://carlsbadlending.com/about-us/testimonials 

Years of industry experience, both from time in service and years as a professional VA home lender, have made Premiere Financial and Rich Luisi heroes among vets and civilians alike. Along with his lending know-how, Luisi brings military precision, commitment to the cause, dedication to details with honor and the attitude of doing what’s right for his clients. 

Rich has a gift for analyzing credit reports and finding solutions to issues that are preventing folks from qualifying for a loan. 

Since 1995 Premiere Financial has been helping people in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside, Fallbrook, Vista, San Marcos, North San Diego County and South Orange County get into homes with no or low money down. The VA lenders at Premiere Financial refrain from tacking extra charges and fees onto home loans, and instead help clients avoid the fees altogether. 

Luisi is known and appreciated for giving practical advice to his clients. For example, when wanting to save money on a loan, he says, “Borrowers accomplish this goal in several ways. For many people, perhaps the simplest way to organize this process is to make one extra payment a year. If you can’t pay an additional whole payment in one month, you can split that large amount into 12 smaller payments and pay that additional amount monthly. Or you can pay half of your mortgage payment every other week. These options differ slightly in lowering the total interest paid and shortening payback length, but each will significantly shorten the duration of your mortgage and lower the total interest paid over the life of the loan.” 

Premiere Financial has many helpful tools on their website, including a home mortgage calculator and their Top Flight Home Lending Process. They invite you to take their Military VA Loan Challenge before you choose a VA loan provider. They dare you to compare, and you’ll be glad you did! Their rates are consistently lower than other VA lenders, and in some cases they have saved their clients $5000 – $6000 over other lenders. 

For more information about best VA lender Premiere Financial, contact Rich Luisi at: http://carlsbadlending.com/military-va-loans or call (760) 930-0325. http://carlsbadlending.com/refinancing-options/