19 December, 2013: This January will mark the premier of the Now Hip Hop Magazine, available both in print form and digital. The magazine will be printed and distributed by the same company that former Rockefeller CEO and Jay-Z business partner Damon Dash used for his American NU Magazine. It has come intro fruition with the intention to serve as a compliment to the current radio network operating under the same brand. 

The contents of the magazine will focus on current cultural matters including in depth articles discussing current events and trends. Staying true to the principles and concepts of the Now Hip Hip Radio Network the magazine will also showcase aspiring artists who are independent and in dire need of media exposure. 

Most company mission statements are to fulfill the bottom line net profit however we see with the Now Hip Hop mission statement there are ulterior motives other then full fledge profit; “To ensure that the dignity of aspiring artists is respected by providing them the same opportunity’s that those on top enjoy” 

Mostly known for his work overseas and for his collaborations with Platinum and Grammy nominated artists the CEO and Founder Moe Rock has personally put up the funds for the development of the publication with the intent of a long term influence on the global culture; “This is not about a immediate overnight return this is about pushing for a transformation of power from only those elite layers in the music business to a universal availability for artists of all walks of life” 

Entertainment mogul/producer Moe Rock has also announced there will be a annual series of awards that will be provided to various different artists who have not only shown talent but also who have shown a desire to give back to their communities he is quoted as saying: “Talent and music are one aspect but we want to reward those who volunteer to make their communities stronger, so for that reason, our awards will be with the intent to give a shining light to the leaders out there making the world a better place.” 

For information on how to subscribe to the Magazine visit the official website at www.nowhiphop.com and follow the founder’s active twitter page at www.twitter.com/moerockonline