21, January 2015: The Spokesperson of a particular skin formula, Kathleen Couch, said in one of her online reviews that, “Acquiring smoother and younger, and radiant-looking skin area is currently achievable using this skin care serum known as Novus Face lift.” She added in her Novus Instant Facelift Review that, “Retrieving again the previous wonderful pores and skin is now possible with our product since it features important substances for the full skin wellness renovation.”

This skin formula has four most recognized components ever used by skincare industries worldwide. It has Gatuline, Trylagen, OSILIFT BIO and PEPHA-TIGHT.

The first the fibroblast biomechanical functions, re-organize the dermis structure, and visibly smooth the skin surface. The second one restore the collagen levels which characterise youthful skin. The third one is for optimal and immediate lifting effect. And the fourth one tighten the skin immediately and at the same time provide a long-term effect by strengthening the skin’s connective tissue.

“With all these impact to anybody’s pores and skin, it is confident that this end users can acquire a total and holistic skin rejuvenation and revitalization,” explained the Spokesperson in her reviews posted in the internet.

This is one of the reasons why there have been a lot of people who have trusted this product according to the Company. “Having skin suppleness is probably the key elements that need considering when talking about overall skin wellness and health. And since I’ve go through plenty of online reviews regarding Novus Facelift, I did so try to use it throughout the free trial version. Following I realized this works, I bought my first container. Now I am during my third bottle consecutively,” explained Desirae Williams, aged 40.

This product has a webpage where all transactions from inquiry to purchase could be done.

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