A northern Virginia escape room facility posted information on how escape rooms and similar entertainment businesses can prepare for a second wave of Covid-19.

Recently posted blog contains a list of things venues can do to prepare for a potential second wave in the DMV area. Such public safety measures include best practices and CDC recommendations and can help to make a significant contribution to avoid second mandatory closures for local businesses in the coming fall and winter. The guidelines are also in accordance with recommendations issued by Virginia State local government.

The nature of amusement venues does not allow to switch it to the online form, however, it can shift to new ways of doing business. By implementing the updated measures, in-person customer service experience can be much safer for both the visitors and employees.

If all amusement and recreational businesses cooperate together in pursuit to strictly follow such rules, it will create favorable conditions in the eyes of the society, which will feel safer to visit facilities on a limited basis. This will allow the local entertainment industry to start slowly resuming the services and hopefully recover in 2021.