Have you been wondering where the whole day has gone and you have not yet finished the works that you had planned in the morning? We all do.

Are the days falling short for all your daily work? Are you feeling crunched in time machine? Not getting sufficient time to handle important chores? Are you feeling your time is getting stolen? Wondering how and where the whole time is leaking away? Is it really slipping out of your hand like sand? And are you wondering if your whole life would drain away like this without your notice? Unproductive! And you would end-up with a list of incomplete jobs in hand for ever? Come on! Nombos.com has brought you a wonderful tool to come out of this messy unproductive schedule and get a better control of your life.

If all above questions narrate your own story and if you, too, have been wondering what you can do to organize your life better. You can start working it out with the tools that Nombos.com has provided on its site. The site simply asks about the time you spend on simple chores like guzzling bears, gazing at televisions, sleeping, talking on phone or having it off with her. The site tells you how much of your life these seemingly simple chores would cost you at last.

"The site gives a wonderful view of the way we ultimately end-up our lives" says Irene of Nombos.com "and opens our eyes how much part of its is spent on productive / unproductive chores" he adds. The site thus presents compelling questions which prompts us improve our lifestyle and control on several of unproductive activities to the best possible extent. Other important questions that this site might give you answers for are, like: how much money you will spend on cigarettes in your life? How much money you would be spending on gasoline in your lifespan? How much of your life would lost in reading and deleting junk mails? How much would go surfing internet? How much time you might waste watching movies, televisions, videos, etc? The site even tells about your estimated lifespan, if asked for.

Nombos.com has been given a perfect look, simple navigation and amusing graphics thus renders a pleasing effect on the mind and senses of viewers. The site talks about some serious questions of life in humorous way. You would not be able to suppress a wonder-mix-smiling at the vagueness of your daily activities and their ultimate impact on overall lifespan.

"We were just sitting around with friends eating pizza and talking about how much shall we spend on pizza in a lifetime. We found that we spend 12480 dollars eating pizza if we eat it @ 1 a week up to 30 years. The discussion involuntarily extended towards overall time management in our life and we kept discussing how much time we spend on eating, sleeping, driving cars, watching televisions, browsing through internet etc." says Irene. "and this is how Nombos.com came into existence" she adds.

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