NNS Keuringen BV is a Dutch independent testing company that provides certificates for NEN 3140 / BS 1010 to its customers. With years of experience in the field, the company is known for offering services at an affordable price. Customers can get their electrical systems, ladders, stairs, harness, and scaffolding tested to ensure safety at work. According to reports, there have been cases of many accidents at work place because of use of low standard equipment by companies. In order to avoid such cases and ensure safety for everyone, NNS Keuringen follows strict and standard guidelines while inspecting.

NNS Keuringen BV has a team of highly qualified and experience staffs and are trained to test both new and existing installations. All its inspections meet the standard demands of VCA, ISO, and SAFETY approved.  According to the Dutch Working Condition Decree lll, employers are required to check their electrical work and other installations at least once a year. It is also pointed out that all installation inspection should meet the Dutch Standard 3140 and any defect should be repaired immediately according to the NEN 2484 / 2718.

All NNS test are done through visual inspection and meets the requirement of Occupational Health and Safety policy. Customers are offered with a free automatic message once the testing period expires and each tested item is approved with a certificate. Employers do not need to buy expensive equipment; however, it should meet the standard quality. The company offers only services; it does not promote or sell any equipment.

Equipment inspection should be taken seriously because if accidents happen, employers are liable for any financial consequences. According to Civil Code Article 7: 658, a company can face high amount of fines, suspension, and publication in newspapers for any accidents occurred due to unchecked and unapproved equipments. For more information please go to http://nnskeuringen.nl/

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NNS Keuringen BV is a Dutch based, independent testing company for equipments like stairs, ladders, electrical system, etc. It offers services at a very affordable price.


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