Zhejiang, China, December 11, 2013: The China Magnets based company, Ningbo Xionghai Magnetics Company provides finest quality Neodymium Magnets at competitive prices. This product can well be used in circumstances where there is a limited space for the magnet, less weight is required, coating on gifts needed and very high level of adhesion forces required. This product inherits good amount of tensile strength, compressive strength and higher resistivity. These are more often used due to their benefits in the manufacturing processes. One can magnetize this product in any direction as long as it is properly aligned. 

The company even offers supreme quality Neodymium Segment Magnets at reasonable prices. One can choose and select from a wide range of these magnets available online. The product includes various attractive features like high quality, available in various sizes, superb strength and available in different shapes like T-shape, arc shape, bread shape etc. These are metallic in appearance and can be attained in various coatings like silver, gold, nickel, zinc and more. These are hard, brittle and can corrode easily. The magnets inherit moderate temperature stability and excellent strength value. 

The company is a well known China NeFeB Magnets Manufacturer offering magnets with unique features. It works to provide 100% customer satisfaction. One can avail better designs, fast consulting and prototyping so as to make one’s project run smoothly. It even offers adhesive bonding, welding and metal stamping as per the needs or requirements for making one’s total magnet assembly. They work together with the customers thereby attaining mutual benefits. 

According to the website, the products are designed by professional workers who have over 10 years of experience in this field. All the products offered by them go through strict quality standards and are designed under professional guidance. One can avail fast delivery and prompt reply service from the company. A customer can choose and select from a wide range of amazing products offered by the company. Every product is resistant to high corrosion and inculcates low temperature coefficients. One can grab detailed information on all the products manufactured by the company by logging on to the website http://www.china-magnets.cc/ . 

About Ningbo Xionghai Magnetics Co., Ltd 

Ningbo Xionghai Magnetics Co., Ltd is a professional company which has more than 10 years experience in manufacturing magnets and metallic products. The manufacture products in accordance with the quality control standards. The products of the company are effectively used in appliances, motors, loud speakers, generators, medical equipments etc. They ship their products to both domestic and international markets. 

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