Brazil - In the earlier of this year, the Nike official has introduced their new Nike shoe which name is Nike Premier Series which is the football boots that integrate the classic style with modern design concept. The first publishing Nike shoe in this series is in the white and black color. After a short period of time, the Nike official released three new version of Nike shoe in this Nike Premier Series which could show their support for the three World Cup teams and these three traditional teams are Brazil, Britain and France.

Following with the official publishing for these three sorts of Nike shoes, the famous online store for cheap football boots has also published these shoes. This should be the good news for football fans who like this series of Nike shoes. It is indeed the exciting experience that people could wear the same type of football boots with their favored football player.

As the fanatic fans of the traditional football shoes, most of football fans¡¯ favorite Nike Premier shoes should be the first edition of Premier. However, in order to commemorate three national teams which will participate the coming 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Nike designing team has tried to adding three more rosy colors on this retro classic football boots and these colors are yellowish brown, blood red and ice blue. After the releasing of these three shoes, the consumers and fans around the world could have more choice in the future.

Denis Dekovic, who is the design director from the Nike football department has described adidas Predator LZ these three new products in these words:" The first edition of Nike Premier football boots were very popular in the market around the world. The retro atmosphere of the total design and structure of this football boot has got the praise from a whole lot of players and fans worldwide. Now, we hope to infuse more and more vibrant color elements in this series of Nike shoes so that more and more shoes lovers can experience the unfamiliar charming of the Nike boots. " The goal and purpose of this Nike new series shoe is to beyond the old version and bring the shoes lovers with the unfamiliar feeling.

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