Brazil — 2014 Brazil Word Cup has become more and more closely. Maybe most of football fans around the world could not wait to watching this world famous football competition. However, the waiting time is not long and the patient waiting is very necessary. Before the beginning of this worldwide attention match, football fans need to prepare one set of suitable soccer jerseys. The recent report from www which is the best online shop for cheap soccer jerseys has recently released the latest news which is about the Nike¡¯s new publishing Brazil team¡¯s soccer for 2014 World Cup and the 2014 World Cup would be postponed as the hot weather in Brazil¡¯s summer in next year. This should the good news for football fans who love the Brazil team. Now, let us know something details about this news.

Recently, Nike has hosted a series of football games in Rio de Janeiro which is aim to encourage public participation in widely range of sports activities that could highlight the Brazilian people¡¯s favorite to sports. Meanwhile, Nike enterprise has also released the new football jerseys for Brazilian national football team. They will wear this new series of jerseys to play the 2014 World Cup campaign. If people who like Brazil team want to have detailed viewing for this new series of jersey, please visit website

Brazil¡¯s national team leader Louis Felipe and Brazilian football superstar Cheap MLB Jerseys Ronaldo has said in the former interview that this bold and innovative new soccer jerseys could reflect the philosophy of environmental protection and cultural elements of the historical Brazil. They are looking forward to the performance of 2014¡¯s Brazilian team.

In addition to the releasing of this new series of cheap soccer jerseys, there is also news about the postponing of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Because of the hot weather in Brazil, FIFA confirmed that they would study whether it is necessary to modify the timetable for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. If the game could be postponed, then most of fans around the world should have enough patience to waiting the starting of this world famous match. The final result would be published in the end of December.

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