USA; 26, July 2016: Governments around the world have woken up to the fact that smoking is a hazard that poses health risks not only for smokers but also for passive smokers or non-smokers. In order to discourage smoking, lawmakers and legislators around the world, have imposed heavy taxes and duties that has led to a steep increase in the prices of almost all brands of cigarettes that are popular throughout the world including Pall Mall cigarettes. Consequently, inveterate and seasoned smokers who cannot see through the day without smoking at least a pack of cigarettes have to fork out extra to purchase their favorite brands.

If diehard smokers want to buy their brand of choice at rates that don’t burn a hole in their pockets, then they can place orders on websites and portals retailing cigarettes. is one established site that stocks and retails numerous well-known cigarette brands including Hilton cigarettes. A customer or smoker who is looking to buy his or her cigarette packs online can log onto this site that stock almost all admired cigarette brands including but not limited to 555, Sovereign, Viceroy, Virginia Slims, President, Monte Carlo, Golden Gate, Chesterfield, Bond, Winston, Marlboro, and Newport.

Regular smokers who’re very finicky or fastidious about their brand of cigarette and wouldn’t smoke any other make of cigarette have good reasons for sticking to their chosen product. For a start, it is the particular flavor of tobacco used in the cigarette that appeals to their taste and preference. For instance the Lucky Strike cigarettes have a unique aroma that lingers in the mouth long after the smoker has finished smoking a stick. Additionally, the brand has very minimal nicotine content (0.25mg) that reduces the risk of smoking considerably. Then again, the Lucky Strike brand is available in a range of varieties including Lucky Strike Blue, Lucky Strike Lights, Lucky Strike Original Red, Lucky Strike Original Silver, and Lucky Strike Original Non-Filter cigarettes.

And the same goes for the Pall Mall cigarettes available in a suite of varieties like Pall Mall Amber Slims, Pall Mall Aromatic Slims, Pall Mall Azure, Pall Mall Black, Pall Mall Blue, Pall Mall Blue Kings, Pall Mall Gold, and Pall Mall Menthol. Of course, the above is not an exhaustive listing as there are many other varieties of the Pall Mall brand. By ordering in bulk, one gets a good bargain and is able to save a considerable amount that would’ve been squandered if the individual bought the same from a store. For instance, 10 cartons of Pall Mall Amber Slims Cigarette cost $150.00 when one places an order on the site which means a pack costs $15.00.

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