Written for veterans, The Transitioning Student Veteran in Higher Education helps readers apply their active duty experiences to the right higher education choices and career paths.

Many veterans struggle to figure out how their military experience can be applied to a higher education experience, and they’re not sure what career paths they’re suited for in the civilian world. To solve those widespread problems, a newly released book by Karina Money and LTC (ret) Andrew Griffin, The Transitioning Student Veteran in Higher Education, provides guidance targeted directly toward veterans. The book delivers tools to help veterans make decisions and transition into a new way of life, while acknowledging and building on the skills and experiences that were developed during active duty.

“This is the most useful book I’ve ever purchased. With uncertainty looming in my future, this book has helped me to use my experiences to better prepare for the next phase of my life.” - Student

As a higher education strategist, veteran transition expert, innovative educator, and powerful author, Karina Money is able to bring both her professional and personal experiences to light and to help others.

To learn more about Karina Money or to purchase The Transitioning Student Veteran in Higher Education, visit vetedd.com.

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