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Taking in alkaline-rich food sources have always been credited for providing better benefits for the health. A report on US News Health and Wellness provided a recipe that is good for one day and intended for people monitoring the pH levels of their body.

“The goal is to keep alkaline forming choices front and center on your plate,” US News stated in the report. “As a general rule of thumb, 80 percent of what you eat should be alkalizing foods, with 20 percent acid-forming.”

Some of the most recommended food intakes are centered on fruits and vegetables, almonds and lentils, and tofu and soy products, the report said. People can also try cereals in rice milk during the day, lentil soup with steamed vegetables at noon and baked chicken and sweet potatoes for the night to cap off.

Here are some recipes that people can try that are safe for their pH levels, known as the Acid Alkaline Diet.
Breakfast: Asparagus omelet

It is always nice to be greeted good morning on the day when people have asparagus omelets for breakfast. This meal only needs egg whites or egg substitutes, garlic powder, black pepper, soy milk, sea salt, clarified butter and asparagus spears, the report noted.

Snack: Mashed taters

If people want to cut down on their diet since these are alkaline acid forming food but do not want to shave off the fun of eating, they can always serve some mashed taters for snacks. Mashed taters only need cauliflowers, almond milk, water, warmed butter, paprika, pepper and parsley springs, the report further stated.

Lunch: Chicken hash

Those means are not yet for lunch. During these times, the chicken hash is one perfect recipe. To get this on the plate, US News enumerated the ingredients such as cold-pressed olive oil, ground chicken, yellow onions, grated carrots, potato shreds, eggplant, sea salt, pepper and some zucchini.

Dinner: Zucchini quesadillas

When there are enough zucchinis left for another meal, try making Zucchini quesadillas for dinner. US News enumerated the things that will be needed for this dish such as zucchinis, butter or cold-pressed olive oil, yellow onions, parsley, crushed red pepper, garlic powder, hot sauce, sea salt, grain tortillas, and fat-free mozzarella or soy cheese.

As people develop these diets for their bodies, it will also be nice if they can pair them up with HealthyWiser pH test strips to monitor the changes in their bodies.

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