Heber Davis Skin Clinic recently announced the launch of its new “Ultraceuticals‘ Rewards”, a loyalty programme designed to reward Ultraceuticals‘ consumers for adhering to evidence based skin care regime that‘s designed to ensure optimum results and maximum customer satisfaction.
Every time a customer accumulates $500 worth of purchases from the Ultraceuticals' range, they receive a $50 gift certificate towards the cosmetic treatment of their choice performed by one of the specialist nurse consultants at Heber Davis Skin Clinic. Customers may choose from a range of treatments that includes wrinkle treatments such as dermal fillers and muscle relaxant injections, or skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, Laser Wrinkle Treatment
or peels.
Ultraceuticals is Australia‘s leading cosmeceutical skin care company. It supplies high strength, professionally recommended products that treat a range of conditions including aging, pigmentation and acne.
Ultraceuticals Ultra Vitamin C 23% cream won “Best Ant aging Product of the Year” in the Total Rejuvenation category of the 2009 Australian Beauty Awards.
To participate in “Ultraceuticals‘ Rewards,” each consumer will receive a specifically tailored skin care programme from one of the qualified doctors or nurses at Heber Davis. Before and after photos will be taken and results are assured with a money back guarantee.
Ultraceuticals products may be purchased at Heber Davis Skin Clinic, Broadway, or via the Heber Davis Skin Clinic online shopping cart at www.heberdavis.com.au
Established in 1988, Heber Davis Skin Clinic, Broadway, Sydney, is one of Australia‘s original and most respected cosmetic medical practices, where qualified doctors and nurses specialise in providing non-surgical, walk in, walk out treatments that help women and men look their best.