Astroved is one of the world‘s leading portals on Vedic Astrology. It is extremely popular amongst a large segment of Western and Indian subscribers who repose faith in Astroved‘s team of professional and dedicated astrologers and siddhas.

Astroved is pleased to announce a new TWITTER service to its subscribers. We offer Panchang services to citizens of New York, Chicago, and Singapore. This Panchang based on Vedic Astrology gives the hora timings for each day calculated as per the longitude and latitude of these 3 major cities. In addition, Astroved provides the day‘s nakshatra (the star of the day) and Tithi information for the day. This wealth of information would be useful to any Vedic adherent so that they can plan their day better; when to start a major venture or plan a wedding or just about anything where divine dispensation is necessary.

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But this just the start! On the anvil is that by end of 2009, Astroved will offer daily Panchang services to 150 cities across the globe.

The IT manager Rajkumar Ganapathy and brainchild behind this project says,” As a company we always want our customers to utilize the full benefits of Vedic Astrology. Our technology team will go to any extent and spare no efforts in ensuring it”.

Astroved‘s goal has been to offer remedies to any individual who strives for a happy life in this world amidst the stresses and pressures of everyday living. Astroved helps people find balance and perspective through better finances, fulfilling relationships, better career, spirituality, health, family, travel and other personal problems.

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