Denver, CO - The energy efficient school lighting solutions that were available only for the best schools in the country are now made accessible to numerous average sized schools through the newest school lighting financing opportunity made possible by ILLUMINEX. The news has come as somewhat of a surprise for many schools, as teachers state that these types of changes are often extremely difficult to put into effect and require considerable effort on the part of the schools in terms of obtaining financing capable of funding these endeavors.

One company that has been providing quality support for schools in search of appropriate financing to fund the installation of various lighting upgrades for classrooms and hallways is ILLUMINEX. The firm has years of experience in dealing with these types of issues, and its representatives have recently stated that, despite what the “norm” has been for the past 5 to 10 years, school lighting financing is far easier to obtain today than it used to be.

This new possibility is provided through ILLUMINEX Lighting’s affiliate Finance Company that can offer 100% commercial lease packages designed especially for public schools. With their help, schools with lower budget capabilities can now have access to better offers involving the purchase of quality, state-of-the-art lighting systems based on LED and induction technologies.

Also, the problem previously raised by the Public School Non-appropriation of Funds is no longer applicable in the case of these packages, as an exemption is included that allows schools to bypass any restriction involved with gaining access to this type of school lighting financing.

ILLUMINEX representatives claim that “the lights themselves last far longer and are much more efficient than lighting products used before and also decrease maintenance costs while saving money all the while.”

The bottom line is that with the help of these highly beneficial school lighting financing solutions, high end lighting systems have become affordable for almost any school district. They can effectively cut down on energy consumption costs by more than 50% and provide numerous other benefits with regard to maintenance, recycling and environment safety.

The fact remains that with the newest school lighting financing possibilities through ILLUMINEX’s affiliate financing company, schools that were unable to improve their lighting systems in the past now have numerous options and affordable payment plans to review.


As a respected Denver green energy company, ILLUMINEX has many experts qualified to provide support and assistance for public schools in matters of school lighting financing and the installation of environmental friendly classroom lighting.

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