China — Recently, news which is original from the famous LED Street lighting Bulbs manufacturer Ningbo LIFU Electronic (www ) has attracted many LED insiders¡¯ sight. The content of this news is that the MR XU who is the professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Hong Kong has successfully completed the new structure of the LED lights which have improved features. This achievement is the one year¡¯s effort of Professor XU and his research team. The engineer from professional LED lighting products manufacturer has said their products¡¯ energy efficiency has been increased from the original 88% to 94% with the help of MR XU¡¯s new structure technology. This research could bring great and significant benefits to China and world LED industry.

Currently, China¡¯s South continent has more than one thousand LED products manufacturer. The market competition in China¡¯s LED industry is very sharply. In this kind of situation, the manufacturer has grasped each good opportunity and made fully effort to enhance their products¡¯ technical content. At this time, they have introduced the new structure technology from Professor XU and the new LED with this new structure has already been put into production. This should be the good news for all LED manufacturer and buyers.

From now on, the traditional lighting products and systems are still the LED Flood light housing mainstream in people¡¯s daily life. Why the LED could not been widely applied? The reason should be the huge cost and the stable concept for the traditional lighting products. However, although the initial cost for LED lighting system building is huge, it could also better than the traditional system. For instance, if 1% of 150,000 street lights in a city become failures which is mean that 1500 traditional street lamb need to be repaired and replaced, this situation will bring huge loss. However, the LED Street lighting Bulbs¡¯ long service life could totally help people solve this problem. The normal life for LED lighting products is 4 to 5 years. With the help of the new structure, it could achieve at least 10 years of life. The low failure rate and long service life could also bring enough profit.

Nowadays, apart from MR XU¡¯s research, there are also many other researcher around the world who devote to this area. However, their goal should be at same point which is the development for LED systems theory which can be used to develop high efficiency, high luminous efficiency, long life and recyclable LED lighting systems. With our effort, I think the LED products would finally enter into each people¡¯s life.¡± said by the general manager from China¡¯s famous LED PRODUCTS manufacturer Ningbo LIFU Electronic.

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